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The musical-inspired production duo

Play Boba Boyz Now!

This all-new video game musical centers around a tea shop with a secret: their boba actually brings happiness to its customers! But when the boys need a new employee after their last crew member mysteriously disappears, boba won't be the only thing you fall in love with. Play the game for free before it drops on Steam!


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About ChillaMix

A Creative Presence

ChillaMix is an entertainment production duo on a mission to tell unique, fun, and important stories through music and storytelling. ChillaMix wants to create non-profit art, so all mediums will be free to experience and music will be available on free-streaming platforms.

Starting back in 2020, ChillaMix's first podcast musical took flight through Celestival. This project featured a variety of talent and skill. Now the second project, Boba Boyz, is underway to become the next big project.

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Discord: Chillamix#9165

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